Thursday, February 25, 2016

Youth Beef Team - Making a Difference

We are so impressed by the youth we encounter in the beef industry. From 7th graders who are entrusted with an investment of bred heifers worth several thousand dollars to middle school and high school students who spend their free time advocating for the beef industry, our youth show a dedication and commitment unlike any other.

Lauren Mosher, from Marshall County, is one of those impressive youths. As a Youth Beef Team member, Lauren participated in a television interview on Discover Marshalltown. And for the entire 23 minutes, she did a great job answering the questions asked.

Other Youth Beef Team members have also been busy across our state. Youth Beef Team (YBT) is a program of the Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation, open to junior high and high school age kids who are interested and excited to promote the beef industry.

The YBT training equips young cattlemen and women with the information and skills they need to not only speak out positively for the beef industry, but also to point out the advantages beef offers to our health, our environment and our economy.  After their training, members are encouraged to go out and promote beef through presentations, farm and school tours and editorials throughout their community and surrounding communities.  These activities can be done as individuals or groups.

YBT members earn points for their activities based on the type of activity and the people reached.  At the end of the year, members are awarded prizes for the various levels of point attained and are recognized at a breakfast at the Iowa State Fair.   YBT seniors are also eligible for scholarships in the spring.

 The Iowa Cattlemen's Foundation currently has 85 trained members and are looking to train more.

The “award year” began August 1st and since that time 32 kids have completed 132 activities! The “award year” will end July 30th and our awards breakfast will take place on Saturday, August 13th and 9:30 am in the Penningroth Sale Arena on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.  In order to receive an award, youth must complete at least five activities throughout the year.

Current Top 10 Point Standings:

Name: Points earned: Number of activities:
Chase Hurd 49 11
Will Hurd 38 7
Frances Jackson 46 7
Reiley Martinez 60 9
Lauren Mosher 172 25
Leah Mosher 68 9
Connor Murty 41 6
Layne Murty 35 5
Emily Pansegrau 35 5
Megan Pansegrau 90 14

A full listing of point totals is on the website.

Congrats and thank you to all the youth have participated. With these young leaders in our industry, the future looks bright!

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