Thursday, March 24, 2016

ICA Bull & Heifer Evaluation Progam: A Symbol of Excellence

The first of 3 ICA Performance Evaluated Sales was held in Bloomfield on March 21. The sale was made up of the top 75% of bulls consigned through two groups – spring and senior yearlings.

The spring bull lineup that sold through the Bloomfield sale included 28 bulls with several ranking in the top 5% of the breed (Angus) in many different categories.  On average, this group would rank in the top 25% for both Weaning Weight and Yearling Weight.  If you sell your calves at weaning, the value index for Weaned Calf Values across the set of bulls ranks in the top 25%.  Likewise the value index over the entire group for Feedlot Value ($F) indicates that calves sired by these bulls will make the feeder nearly $60 per head more than calves by other sires – top 25% of the breed.  Add in the fact that most bulls in the sale will likely be calving ease sires and the unwavering strong average throughout the sale makes sense.

“In comparison to other bull sales in the Midwest over the last several months, the ICA Bloomfield sale showed strong support from cow-calf operators in attendance,” said Matt Deppe, ICA CEO. “The equation for this success starts with an exceptional offering by an exceptional set of consignors.”

The overall average for the sale was $3549.  Senior Yearlings averaged $3700 while the spring yearlings averaged $3489.

According to Matt, sale offerings like the ones at the recent Bloomfield sale are hard to find.
“In the case of all of our sale offerings this spring, it’s going to be hard to find the depth of sale offering regardless if you’re looking for bulls that will inject profit potential to a future set of feeder calves or herd sires backed by strong maternal pedigrees to produce heifers for herd replacement.”

If you missed the Bloomfield sale, we have good news. There’s a wider variety of breeds represented and possibly even better genetics at our Dunlap sale on April 1.

The ICA Dunlap sale will offer 44 bulls from this year’s test group through 4 breeds – Angus, SimAngus, Simmental and Charolais.  For more information on this year’s ICA Bull Test sales at Bloomfield, Dunlap or Tama, make sure to checkout test information online at or call Carrie Horman at 515-296-2266.

Our final Performance Evaluation Sale will be held May 6 in Tama.

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