Wednesday, May 18, 2016

BeefMeets Bring New Policy Development Process

ICA is a grassroots policy organization, meaning policy is developed by members for members. Policy, through written directives or resolutions, provides input to staff and leadership when working on regulatory topics. A new schedule has been prepared for the 2016 year that incorporates several new events (BeefMeets and Committee Day) and the ICA Annual Meeting. The new schedule supports an effort to gather more grassroots input from more ICA members. Similar to past years, policy review will begin in June and culminate in December at the Annual Meeting.

BeefMeet District Breakouts

During the 2016 BeefMeets all 20 ICA districts will have a chance to gather to discuss membership objectives, and surface policy issues and topics through District Breakouts.  Members will gather into their ICA districts with a goal to informally surface policy issues from members (similar to the successful ICA Listening Sessions).  Through the District Breakout discussion a list of topics/issues will be recorded and sent to the policy committee chairs and production councils for drafting and consideration. All input is welcome, including drafted policies.

Members will also be able to provide input on ICA’s membership structure, recruitment timeline, member incentives, etc. In an effort to gather information for the membership committee meetings scheduled throughout the summer, the District Breakouts will gather input before the new recruitment year.

If you have not already registered for BeefMeets, click here to sign up.

Below is a list of the respective breakout sessions scheduled during the 2016 BeefMeets. If a member attends a BeefMeet that does not represent their district that is OK. They can join the District Breakout/County that is closest to their farming operation or visit the tradeshow.

Northwest: District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 7
Northeast: District 5, District 6, District 9, District 10, District 11
Southwest: District 8, District 12, District 13, District 17, District 18
Southeast: District 14, District 15, District 16, District 19, District 20

Call meeting to Order / Staff and Leader introductions / Adopt agenda
Review of 2016 membership year
Grassroots policy discussion
Other topics (ICA communications, programming, etc)

ICA Committee Day - Tuesday, July 5

A meeting will be held in July to review input from the District Breakouts held at the 2016 BeefMeets. ICA board members, policy committee chairs and vice chairs, and members of the feedlot and cow/calf councils will be invited to attend committee day.

The ICA Cow/calf and Feedlot councils will focus first on evaluating results from the BeefMeets and prioritizing the topics. If needed, Cow/calf and Feedlot Council members will provide additional input on the issues surfaced, or make recommendations for further analysis.

Later in the day each ICA policy committee will meet to: draft/revise policies, review expiring policies, and propose recommendations to the ICA board. Using the prioritized lists from both the Cow/calf and Feedlot council meetings held earlier in the day, committee chairs and vice chairs will either draft new ICA policy, or make revisions to existing policies.

If pertinent issues require immediate action from the ICA board, the policy chairs will make a recommendation to the board to adopt interim policy. This would include topics that require action prior to the Annual Meeting in December, or the NCBA Summer Conference held later in July. All other recommendations will be reviewed during the Annual Meeting in December.

ICA Annual Meeting & Leadership Summit - Saturday, December 10

All of the policy committees will meet during the Annual Meeting as in the past. The committee meetings will be scheduled throughout the day and all ICA members are invited to participate in the discussion. Through a progressive process, expiring policies are defined, researched, refined, and if applicable re-instated in the individual committees.

Once the committees have reviewed all the expiring and proposed policies, the recommendations will be reviewed in the resolutions committee which consists of the policy chairs, the executive committee, and ICA staff. Recommendations are either approved or denied at the ICA annual meeting by members, making the process come full circle.

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