Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hiring & Retaining an Exceptional Workforce

Determination, leadership, and passion … these are only a few of the numerous traits that keep companies thriving. And most cattlemen exhibit those qualities everyday. But what about your employees?

Bob Milligan, Ph.D. of Agriculture Economics, is an expert on the best ways to hire and motivate farm employees. Milligan’s main question for all small business owners and managers is: how can you instill self-motivation in your employees? “The only real motivation is self motivation,” states Milligan. So, how can you, as a leader, create a positive work environment that will result in self motivation?

Fortunately for these tough economic times, increasing employee motivation doesn’t have to cost a lot. “The beauty of leadership is that, yes, it does take time, but it doesn’t cost money,” states Milligan. Milligan will share more about instilling self-motivation and being an effective leader during his presentation at the Northwest Iowa BeefMeet in Spencer on June 22.

Milligan will also cover hiring practices. How can you select the correct, dependable employees that will carry out the vision you have for your company? How can you build a staff that will not only survive, but also make a difference in tough economic times? It is worth the extra time to find the correct employee and not force a round peg in a square hole considering a “mis-hire” can cost up to double the amount of an employee’s salary.

Milligan will answer these important questions and more, sharing how to hire and retain exceptional employees while enhancing operational performance and profit margins.

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