Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Membership Winners!

The Iowa Cattlemen's Association is dedicated to growing Iowa's beef business through leadership, advocacy and education. As a grassroots organization, membership is vital to the strength and effectiveness of ICA's efforts. Our thanks and congratulations to these outstanding membership recruiters!

ICA Top Hand Club

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Top Hand Club is a way to reward the association’s top membership recruiters. Each member recruited is worth 1 point, and every $75 in Fair Share is worth 1 point.

1) The following recruiters earned at least 5 points and received an ICA Top Hand Club hat.

· Grant Carlson, Hamilton County
· Kellie Carolan, Marshall County
· Ron Cota, Allamakee County
· Jack Giltner, Mills-Montgomery County
· Zoe Moritz, Jefferson County
· Jim Mosher, Marshall County
· Bob Otto, Monona County
· Tim Pansegrau, Marshall County
· Virgil Pries, Bremer County
· Steve Rehder, Sioux County
· Justin Reiter, Jones County
· Jordan Steffener, Des Moines County
· Gary Whittle, Allamakee County
· Ray Wilson, Calhoun County

2) The following recruiters earned at least 15 points and received the hat, a Top Hand Oxford Shirt and a gas card.

· Jay Klemme, Marshall County
· Jeffrey Landrum, Decatur County
· Bruce Long, Webster County
· Dan Schmitt, Allamakee County
· Shane Smith, Fremont County
· Sparky Wellman, Lee County

3) The following recruiters earned at least 25 points and received the hat, the shirt, the gas card, 100 ML of Dectomax or a bag of Cidrs from Zoetis Animal Health and a Top Hand Soft Shell jacket.

· Luke Baker, Union County
· Merv Hoermann, O’Brien County
· LeRoy McClintock, Winneshiek County
· Chad Tobey, Clinton County

4) The 2nd-5th place top recruiters will receive all of the 5, 15, and 25 point awards, and a $400 gift card.

2nd – John Gruhn, Jackson County
3rd – Bob Ness, Emmet County
4th – Wade Myers, Clarke County
5th – Tim Hastert, Shelby County

5) The overall winner will receive the 5-25 point awards and a one-year lease on a 24’ x 7’ EBY gooseneck trailer.

1st – Clint Von Glan, Crawford County

County Incentive: Member Value Index Report

County cattlemen’s associations were ranked with a system formembership recruitment efforts called the Member Value Index. This index takes into consideration the following categories:

1) the number of new members to account for growth

2) the percent of renewal members to account for retention

and 3) the dollars of Fair Share above a county’s three-year average to assist in the education and outreach efforts.

The first two factors also include an adjustment against the statewide average, which means they county index may go down from the previous month if there is strong growth across the state. Just as we use an indexing formula for cattle, this process works to put counties on a level playing field.

The counties that finished in the top five of the Member Value Index for membership this year will each be rewarded with a $400 award to be used for a night on the town by the county board; an ICA representative will attend and there will be lots of opportunity to discuss all things cattle related!

1st – Sioux County
2nd – Allamakee County
3rd – Crawford County
4th – Union County
5th – Jones County

The prizes were awarded at the annual Carcass Challenge Banquet in Ames on Thursday, June 9. Thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who helped recruit members, and all of our membership recruitment sponsors!
2016 Carcass Challenge & Membership Awards

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