Tuesday, October 11, 2016

4 Must-Read Resources for Grazing Cornstalks

Now that harvest is almost complete, many Iowa cattle producers will be making use of the corn residue as a feed source for their cows. We've put together 4 "must-read" articles/resources to help you make the most of cornstalks.

1. 5 questions to ask before grazing cornstalk residue

  1. What's left in the field?
  2. How long will it last?
  3. When should I supplement?
  4. How can I extend grazing time?
  5. Should I be worried about nitrate toxicity?
Find the answer to these questions and more here.

2. 4 key points in rental agreements for grazing cornstalks
Maybe you want to take advantage of a neighboring cornfield? Here are a few tips for your rental agreement.

3. Grazing Corn Residue: using resources and reducing cost
This guide from the Iowa Beef Center is full of detailed, useful information for veteran and beginning cornstalk graziers.

4. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Corn Stalk Grazing Calculator
Use this resources to estimate acres needed, animals per acre, grazing days, cost per animal daily and more.

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